A sentiment of a London escorts for a brighter future ahead

My boyfriend just likes to spend money, and I am totally the opposite. Before I got my job at Charlotte London escorts, I had a rather tough time financially, and I have learned to appreciate money. Saving money to me is more important than anything. Also, I work as a self-employed person with London escorts in https://charlotteaction.org, and you never know what is around the corner. My boyfriend has a full time job with a contract, and he knows that he will be paid for the next few years. I don’t and he does not seem to realize that.


At the moment we are living in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. My earnings from London escorts have paid for the apartment, and the truth is that I lived here before I meet my boyfriend. The job that I have with London escorts is rather demanding, and it does take up a lot of time. My boyfriend would like to have a bigger place, and take out a big mortgage. First of all I would worry about the big mortgage and number two, I would not have any time to look after the place. There is no way that I am going to spend all of my spare time cleaning house.


In a couple of years’ time when I have put some more money into my savings accounts from my earnings at London escorts, I hope to go back to college. I am a very realistic sort of person, and I know that my fantastic looks are not always going to stay with me. That is why I am trying to work as hard as I can for London escorts at the moment. My boyfriend seems to hear what I am saying, but he just says “you will be alright”. I really don’t believe in that, and I think that we all make our own luck.


My boyfriend is a bit like anything goes, and I am not so sure that is going to work out for him in the long run. All of my friends at London escorts are careful with their money as well, and I find that encouraging. I have to admit that my boyfriend does not think too highly of my girlfriends at London escorts, but I don’t care. The truth is that most of them are very sensible girls.


Will I stay together with my boyfriend? To be honest, I am not so sure. There are times when we seem to be poles apart. He grew up in a family which had a lot of money, but I had to earn mine. I suppose that is why he just likes to spend. We really need to get together to make sure that we have some long term goals. I think that would help, and I have noticed that a lot of couples around us sort of seem to have a life plan. I keep wondering if this is something that my boyfriend would even want to talk about.

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