Avoiding Pregnancy When You Don’T Have A Condom

Sex is such a fantastic experience more so when one does not have to worry about becoming pregnant. This is usually ensured by the use of a condom. However, what happens when you want to avoid pregnancy but don’t have a condom. Below are some tips for doing just that…

Coitus interrupts is one of the ways one can enjoy sex without the risk of becoming pregnant. The method involves enjoying sex without a condom, but the man ensures to withdraw his penis from the vagina during ejaculation. The timing of when to withdraw has to be accurate to avoid some semen being discharged into the vagina. The method, therefore, requires the man to be in total control of his ejaculation and not be suffering from premature ejaculation. Caution should also be exercised to avoid residual semen from dripping into the vagina after ejaculation when starting on another round of sex. The man should ensure to have a ripe ejaculation by prolonging the period before climax to enable him to have a full ejaculation.

One can also avoid getting pregnant by observing their safe days in their menstrual cycle. The period between 12 -14 days after before a woman’s menstruation begins are considered to be unsafe, and one should abstain from having sex during these days. During the other days, the ovaries do not release an ovum for fertilization by male sperms. However, these days vary from one woman to another which then requires careful calculation.

Apart from natural means, one can also use artificial methods to void becoming pregnant. Implants are a hormonal pregnancy inhibition technique that is surgically placed in a woman’s upper arm to prevent fertilization for a specific duration for instance 2, 3 or five years. The implant releases hormones into the blood system which alters the functioning of the reproductive system making it impossible for fertilization to occur. One can also avoid becoming pregnant by using daily oral pills. The pills require to be taken daily without fail during the period that one is sexually active for them to be efficient in pregnancy prevention. Emergency pills are used to prevent pregnancy after one has had unprotected sex. The pills are used for a single time after a sexual experience while the daily pills are used continuously to prevent fertilization. One cannot use the daily pills to prevent pregnancy after sex. The emergency pills are not for frequent use. One can also use an intrauterine device that is placed in a woman’s uterus to avoid becoming pregnant. There are two types of IUDs; copper and hormonal. Copper IUDs use copper to prevent fusion of the sperm and the ovum while hormonal IUDs use hormones to thicken ovarian mucus to inhibit the movement of sperms to the ovaries or bar the ovaries from producing the ovum.

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