Paternity rights and child custody

The fact that men make up most of the armed forces. Men are more likely to get murdered. Men are more likely to be homeless. Male abuse and rape victims are taken less seriously. Expectations to be physically strong. Men are more likely to be victims of non-sexually violent attacks says

Where do you want to go from there?

The show Desperate Housewives features a male rape. Which I thought was really interesting they addressed. There are a lot of male abuse and rape victims statistically like women are more likely to be victims.

This is a tricky thing to say or to talk about. When we talk about victims and we talk about statistically men are less likely to get raped. That sentence…is true. But kind of…boxes the male victims in a bit. And I don’t think that’s conscious and that’s not something that people want to do. I think that might make it harder. Statically speaking they are less likely to listen to me.

Do you think that talking about rape and abuse we should talk about male and female victims together or we should separate them?

I think that you have the main conversation about victims and then you have the conversations about what it means to be a female victim. What it means to be a male victim and how we deal with that.

Cause one of the things that really, really gets to me is when you’re having a discussion about female victims of abuse and rape. Like its a specific conversation about that and then people come along and be like, “Well men get raped too.”, and it’s the too in that sentence that really bothers me. Because its like oh hey in this space we are talking about female victims says West Midland Escorts.

That kind of adds to what I said about statistically speaking. Like when you use thing like too. It’s the semantics of how we talk about it but when you sit there and go, “But right now we are talking about female victims. We will talk about men later.” and then we don’t. And that’s a problem. Not to just dismiss talking about female victims. That is so important. Like, Christ, but there needs to be… and we need to find a way to make it so that it’s clear to everyone. Men. Women. Whatever you identify as. That we are talking about these issues without dismissing someone elses.


When feminism is about equal rights and about bringing everyone to the same. When you talk about, “Why don’t we talk about this for women?” It does make some people go, “You’re right. Why don’t we talk about this for men either?” and then you have a conflict. And it shouldn’t be a conflict. It should be a, “Cool, you’re talking about that now. It’s so important we have that network. Let’s go setup one for men too.” And they don’t have to work against each other.

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