The term gold digging – London escorts


If you have ever worked for an escort agency in London, you may have heard the term gold digging. It does not mean that you put your Wellingtons on and head for Wales. No, it means that you date gentlemen who may be a little bit “vulnerable” shall we say, and see what you can get out the relationship. The first time, I heard the term, I was working for London escorts. At that time, I did not have a clue what it was but one of the more experienced girls at London escorts of explained it to me.

Amy at London escorts was known as the escort agencies premier gold digger. I thought that it was something that she did when she was at the agency, but it turned out to be that gold digging was not something she pursued at the escort agency at all. Instead she turned herself into the ultimate gold digger when she was on holiday or the weekend. It seemed that she had done will from it, and had no intention on slamming the brakes on.

What surprised me even more that she was happy to tell other girls about what she called the benefits of gold digging. The main trick was to make sure that there was no association between this activity and dating for London escorts. Lisa always said that you did not want these gents to turn up at the escort agency, and she did a lot of her gold digging abroad or on personal dates.

I thought that she may have been with an agency similar to London escorts, but instead she had set up her own Facebook profile and she clearly knew how to draw the gents in. She was a very charming girl, and she also said that there are some places which are good to hang out in when you want to make the most of it. But you want to be careful and pick the best spots as you may not be able to go back. Gold digging is after all a little bit of a naughty thing to do, and you may break a heart or two along the way.

So far, I have not tried my hand at it. I am happy working for London escorts but you never know I might just try it the next time I go on holiday. There are some places that I know very well abroad, and I may just have a go. Do I see it as an alternative career to working at London escorts? I am not sure about that. But then again, Lisa apparently did and has now left the escort agency in London to do it full time. She turns up from time to time, tells us what she is up to and off she goes again. Lisa looks amazing and it seems to me that this is one girl who knows how to make the most gold out of gold digging so to speak.



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